A Calligraphy Business Update during COVID-19

Dear Clients,

As we're all navigating an uncertain and unfamiliar situation of a global pandemic, I'm learning that so much of my business was built on making in-person connections and building community locally here in Toronto.

As a result of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), and the advice of Health Canada, the CDC and WHO, I will be doing my part in social distancing (or physical distancing rather) and ceasing any public gatherings at this time. Anything that can be rescheduled instead of cancelled will be communicated.

  • All of my in-person Calligraphy Workshops here in Toronto with Embiria Experiences have been postponed. Embiria will be in touch directly with ticket holders with updates on new dates.
  • All On-Site Live Calligraphy Events at retail stores have been cancelled and deposits have been refunded.
  • No further classes or in-store events are being scheduled at this time, and I'll await the news from reputable sources regarding when these can start happening again.

In an effort to continue sharing my work and stay afloat, I will continue to be in business with the following throughout this time with:

It's safe to say that all my fellow artists are feeling the economic impacts of this time deeply and emotionally as well. I try my best to remember that in dark times, people look to artists work, whether music, movie, books, or visual art. Our work, though deemed non-essential is still really-freaking-valuable. I'm doing my best to continue to buy from my fellow artist friends and encourage you to do the same.

Stay safe and healthy,
Sylvia Wong
Via Calligraphy


For my fellow Calligraphers, in the process of all these communications, I took notes and created a free resource with my friend Jodi of Someday Art Co. Go download the COVID-19 Communications for Calligraphers resource now.


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