Samantha + Brian's Romantic Toronto Wedding

An interview with bride #82

A bride's wedding shoes along with her stunning romantic wedding bouquet with red roses.

Describe your wedding day in 3 words.
Magical, Romantic and Loving

Tell us about the moments that made it special.
Putting on the dress, getting ready with my favourite ladies, seeing Brian for the first time, my dad giving me away and when my dad got choked up during his speech talking about how I’ll always be his little girl.

A bride in her wedding dress carrying her wedding bouquet. 

What's one thing that your wedding day HAD TO have.
Family and friends.

What's one thing you could've done without or proved to be unnecessary in the end?

Tell us about your bridal fashion style.
Natural hair and make up with a stunning dress.

What's your advice for future brides?
Make time to personally connect with everyone.

A bride and her father pose for a photo on her wedding day.



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A bride and her bridal party who are wearing floor length burgundy bridesmaids dresses.

A wedding party poses happily for a photo.

The bride and groom lovingly look at each other on their wedding day.

A bride and groom kiss, the bride is wearing #TheJustMarriedJacket.

A bride and groom dance together.

A bride and groom kiss.

The bride and groom are showered with celebrations and fireworks after they seal the deal.

A bride and groom celebrate with their guests.

A newlywed Toronto couple celebrate their new marriage with friends and family.

A wedding featuring fireworks and a romantic setting.