Katie + Warren's Cozy Scottish Wedding

An interview with bride #126

A newlywed couple shares a kiss.

Our wedding was wonderful. We were so lucky to get the opportunity to celebrate with our friends and family all together in one spot! It was really important to us to have good beer, good food, a "take-your-shoes off" atmosphere, and features that were uniquely ours.

The day started with a quiet morning at our Airbnb. My husband and I exchanged gifts over coffee and then he went to join his friends. My makeup artist arrived first. Then my parents, sister, and best friends joined about an hour later for mimosas and to help me get dressed. Once we were ready to go, we went to the venue to meet my husband for a first look and to take photos with friends and family. My husband and I then went off with our photographer to take some photos together.

A bride laughs and enjoys herself while getting ready.

A bride laughs with her fiance before their ceremony.

We both arrived at the venue an hour before showtime to greet people and get the party started! We got married with our friends and family seated around us in a circle and followed the ceremony with an incredible party. My husband dances as a hobby so his team joined us after dinner for some entertainment! We partied the night away with just a brief pause for an introduction to the Haggis by a friend, as it was Robbie Burns Day!

A highlight of the evening was when our speaker system cut out and all our friends and family started singing instead. We had brought guitars just in case and there was a piano at the venue and the most amazing jam session broke out. It was one of the best moments of the day!

A newlywed couple embrace each other.

A bride and groom share a first look before they part ways to join their parties.

Describe your wedding in three words.
Best. Day. Ever.

What's one thing that your wedding day HAD TO have.
A quiet morning and a first pint of beer as husband and wife right after our ceremony.

What's one thing you could've done without or proved to be unnecessary in the end?
Leading up to our wedding, my husband and I continued to ask ourselves, "Is this meaningful to us?", and if it wasn't we didn't include it in our day. It meant that on the day, we had everything we wanted and nothing we didn't.

A bride shows off the back of her wedding dress.

Tell us about your bridal look.
My bridal style was dictated by wanting a classic look without spending a lot. As well, I really wanted to incorporate things I already had or that I borrowed from friends. Our rings were estate, my jewellery and shoes were from when I was one of my best friend's Maid of Honour, my fur jacket and purse were borrowed from my Mother in Law, and a really good pal loaned me the sneakers she'd worn at her wedding to change into during the party.

It's a big part of why #TheJustMarriedJacket caught my eye. I loved having things that others had used for their weddings. I also chose my dress because when I looked in the mirror, I could see my husband's face looking back at me. It was from The Bride's Project and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Not only do its proceeds support a great cause, but they have lots of different options for you to peruse in a casual atmosphere. I loved that many of the dresses have been worn before and their prices are great. In addition, I had a great experience at The Vintage Bride, really beautiful pieces in all different styles and a variety of eras!

The bride's father walks her down the aisle.

A Scottish wedding in Toronto.

A bride and groom exchange vows at their ceremony.

How did #TheJustMarriedJacket fit into your big day?
After the ceremony, my husband and I went off to a side room for our first pint, a plate of snacks, and more pictures with our families. I put the jacket on for our introduction as a married couple when we first entered the reception! I wore it on and off for the rest of the night. It was a BIG hit. I loved wearing the jacket because it felt so special, and everyone else loved it too! It completely matched our casual setting, was right in keeping with my love of things worn by others, and made me feel like Sandy from Grease! I also wore it the day after the wedding, it was such a special piece to have.

The bride and groom share a laugh while exchanging vows.

The bride and groom seal the deal with a kiss.

The bride and groom show excitement after sharing their first kiss as husband and wife.

What's your advice for future brides?
Give yourself time to relax. My husband and I took photos before the ceremony and ended up being ahead of schedule by about 50 minutes. We went back to our Airbnb which was very close to the venue and got to have some food and drinks and relax for a hot minute. It gave us both the second-wind we needed. We'd originally blocked off a 20-minute break but I would highly recommend the longer break if you can afford it!

I would also advise putting some thought into cleaning up the venue the day after if yours requires it. Our wedding was entirely DIY/Bring-Your-Own-Venue and we both agree we could have definitely used more hands!

The bride shows off her "just married" leather jacket after her ceremony.

A bride and groom share a pint of Guiness after exchanging their vows.

The bride and groom enter the reception as husband and wife.

The bride and groom share their first dance.




Photography: Sam Gaetz
Makeup: Jessica Gallant Beauty