Stephanie + Tyler's Colorful, Romantic Wedding

An interview with bride #113

a wedding stationary suite.

Our wedding was full of little details created by us as a couple. From our homemade cake topper to the countless framed photos and the completely customized ceremony, we had personal touches everywhere. It started with Tyler and I getting ready with our wedding parties (Tyler and his group at the Millcroft and we got ready at a stunning AirBnB), followed by a private 'first look'. We followed the traditional order of events but put our own spin on everything, including having the bride's brother stand up on the bride's side. We also broke tradition and mingled with the guests before the ceremony, which was a great way to stay relaxed and take some of the 'centre of attention' pressure off.

The bride and her bridal party sharing mimosas while getting ready for the big day.

The music throughout our wedding day was chosen with care based on years of loving certain artists together or songs that had meaning to us. One incredible moment was during my mom and dad's speech. I work in a retirement home and so my parents revealed a video they had been putting together for over two years featuring current residents, former residents as well as both of their grandmothers offering marriage advice and best wishes. It was an emotional moment and a video I'll treasure forever.

The groom and his groomsmen sit together before going to the reception.

The first dance was under twinkle lights with all the guests holding sparklers, another magical moment, followed by a night of dancing away to a live band featuring my cousin as the lead. Our photographer was absolutely amazing and played such a major role in the ease of our day. The pictures were so important to us and this was a very crucial vendor choice in the overall success of our wedding.

The mother of the bride helps her get her wedding gown on.

My Mom saw #TheJustMarriedJacket on the news about two years ago. It was such a special part of my day simply because of the idea that it tied so many brides together. There is something so romantic about the idea of one item being part of all of these incredibly special and happy occasions. It felt like an honour to share it with the other women. Also, it was such a great story to be able to share with people at the wedding who gushed over it!

The bride poses with her bridesmaids.

Describe your wedding day in 3 words.
Relaxed, personal, fun. 

What's one thing that your wedding day HAD TO have.
Our dog, Winnie! Our Goldendoodle Winnie is such a huge part of our life and something we are so proud of raising together, she had to be there. Not only was she there on the day, but she was a bridesmaid. Also, a photo of all of our guests together was a very special request that our photographer nailed.

A newlywed couple poses with their dog who was one of the brides bridesmaids.

What's one thing you could've done without or proved to be unnecessary in the end?
Honestly, nothing. We planned the wedding with intention and thought. We kept things simple but without being cheap or sparse. 

Tell us about your bridal fashion style.
I wanted a simple and classic look, nothing too trendy. I kept thinking about looking back in 20 years and wanting to make sure I wasn't saying 'what was I thinking!' I loved having a simple, long veil, which made for some amazing photos. I also made sure to take our venue, setting and intended tone into consideration.

A bride poses with her beautiful colorful bouquet.

What's your advice for future brides?
Get yourself some bridesmaids who will just jump in and do things without you having to cue them! There were so many things that my two bridesmaids did that I didn't have to ask for. For example, I forgot my veil when I left for my first look, they showed up with it. They ensured the safe care of #TheJustMarriedJacket, brought an easy lunch for the hotel room and even had my cell phone plugged in and waiting for me when we returned back to the room that night! They did so many thoughtful things that made all the difference in the ease of my day.

A bride shows off her just married jacket.

A newlywed couple walks together and shares a kiss.

A bride and groom share their first dance.




Photography: Jenn Kavanagh
Venue: Alton Mill 
Florals: Cedar and Stone 
Hair and Makeup: The Beauty Team
Catering: The Kitchen at Mono Mills