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#TheJustMarriedJacket Story

Leading up to June 11, 2016, I was frantically practicing calligraphy. Every scrap piece of paper in my home had "just married" scrawled on it.

Despite having planned a completely chill 8 person wedding at Toronto City Hall, I still had a desire to obsess over some tiny detail. I had a vision and I wanted to hand letter on my favourite leather jacket. So just 3 days before my wedding, I tossed my leather jacket on the floor of my living room and started painting.

The Just Married Jacket Project by Via Calligraphy

I had my sister take my jacket to City Hall for me and after we said our "I Do's" she draped it over my shoulders for my grand exit! What the photos don't tell you is that it was a sweltering June day. The humidity made the air heavy and it felt like it was over 35 degrees; but there was no way I wasn't going to wear my precious leather jacket. I always say to do things your own way for your wedding, so it made for the perfect rebellious touch to my wedding photos and I truly felt like myself.

The Just Married Jacket - Jennifer Moher Photography

After the day was over, I really couldn't imagine my jacket sitting in the closet for years collecting dust, so I decided to post it on a local trading group to see if there was any interest.

The Just Married Jacket - Bunz Wedding Zone Toronto

There were SO many brides wanting to buy or borrow the jacket that I decided to begin a long term project of renting it out every weekend for just a bottle of red wine. Yeah, seriously. Just wine. When people encourage me to charge for this, they're missing the point. I'm looking to build a community, a sisterhood, and a connection with like-minded people. Really, meeting badass Toronto Brides every week has been the coolest experience and sharing something with them has brought me so much joy. 

#TheJustMarriedJacket turns one this weekend and it's already been to TWENTY weddings! We're all booked up through 2017, so cheers to hopefully another full year of surprise appearances!

To follow it's journey, check out #THEJUSTMARRIEDJACKET on Instagram.



#TheJustMarriedJacket FAQ

How much does it cost to rent it?
Just a bottle of wine. Seriously.

Do you have other sizes?
There's only one jacket and it's the original one I made for my own wedding. The reason that I'm not making other sizes is to keep this project authentic to it's origin story. There's a little bit of magic to all these brides wearing the exact same jacket and I'm not looking to profit from this; I just want to make other brides happy (and stylish!)

Is my date available?
Responding with "no" was making me really sad. So I made a calendar that shows when it's reserved. Please check out #TheJustMarriedJacket Calendar for availability. If it is, send me a message with your date to reserve it!

Will you ship it to me?
No, this is exclusively for brides that are local to Toronto because it needs to come back every weekend for the next bride! Every bride gets it from Wednesday to Tuesday.

Can you make me one?
Of course! My only condition is that I will not paint this same design on another jacket. The authenticity and exclusivity of this project is important to me; but I will happily work with you on a custom design on your own leather jacket so you can have your very own unique piece!

Interested in getting your own custom painted leather jacket for your wedding or other special occasion?