The Pros & Cons of Luxury Lettering

You’ve probably seen me talk about how to get yourself ready for Luxury Lettering gigs, and how to make your biz more appealing to those higher end clients. But I haven’t talked about WHY you should want to, and what exactly is in it for you.

So, here are the many Pros and few Cons, of Luxury Lettering jobs:

The Pros of Luxury Lettering

  1. They pay really well. 

If you know me, you know I’m not afraid to talk about the fact that my services don’t come cheap. So technically, every project pays well, to an extent - but not every client has the budget to accommodate premium pricing. Pricing for things like weddings and personal projects can be emotional, and for whatever reason involve a lot of guilt. It can get discouraging when you don’t hear back after giving a quote, or are told your prices are too high. But working for brands is different because the budgets are just on another level, and  unlike brides or event planners, brands view paying skilled artisans as an investment in their marketing budget, not as money that they could spend elsewhere. 

So when it comes to working with brands, the absolute bare minimum you should be charging is $100 per hour. I know, this might sound high to some of you. But it is totally, totally standard - and it’s a minimum that should be upheld in the calligraphy community. I like to drive home the point that calligraphy is a luxury service. Yes, it feels like everyone and their dog is a calligrapher now - but it feels that way because we all follow like, 500 other calligraphers on Instagram, so we think everyone is doing it. But the reality is, they aren’t. Ask anyone you know from your “regular”, non-calligraphy life -  you are most likely the only calligrapher they know. It is still a highly specialized and rare skill, and how you are paid should reflect that. 

2. They help to elevate your brand & build your reputation.

There is a reason that I have my past clients’ logos displayed proudly on my website, and don’t shy away from sharing who I’ve worked with: When prospective clients see that big brands have trusted you in the past, it gives you more credibility, and makes you considerably more appealing to them. Even if you just get one corporate client under your belt, don’t be afraid to brag about it a little bit - the more your business is associated with high-end clients, the more your reputation will grow. 

3. They usually come with unexpected perks.

When was the last time a bride served you a glass of champagne while you worked on her seating chart? I’m guessing probably never (but like, very jealous if this has happened for you). Usually when you’re  working on-site for a brand, you just get treated a little bit better than the average gig. Especially if you’re at a media event or an opening of some kind, it’s not uncommon for a glass of bubbly or a tray of gourmet hors d’oeuvres to make their way over to you during the quieter moments of the evening. Sometimes you even get to keep products, or you get to take home one or two of whatever you were personalizing for the guests. These fun little bonuses aren’t something you should count on, but they are always such a nice surprise when they do happen!

Okay so, there are a lot more Pros but I don’t want to take up your entire day - so here are a few of the other things I like about luxury lettering gigs:

  • You get to dress up a little or a lot, depending on the dress code
  • You get to stretch your artistic muscles and generally have full creative freedom
  • You get to experiment with new & interesting surfaces and tools
  • Sometimes you get to be in the same room as celebrities! (Forever praying for Leonardo DiCaprio to be a guest at an event) 

The Cons: 

Um, hmm…I’ll let you know when we think of some! ;) 


For more advice on how to get into the industry and start attracting high end clients right away, check out our full online course Luxury Lettering 101. And if you're not quite sure if you're ready yet, download the FREE Luxury Lettering Checklist.



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