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  • #LearningViaCalligraphy with Duri Song of Brush Crush Lettering

    "They paid me twice the amount that I quoted them for and it really helped me build my confidence and sense of worth."
  • #LearningViaCalligraphy with Tashya of Little Caleon Creates

    "I had owned a freelance business before and I told myself I would never do it again because of all the pressure and stress it put me through. It was different with lettering."
  • #LearningViaCalligraphy with Calligraphy by KG

    "Send someone a birthday card, or a thank you note. Have people over for dinner and make place settings. Find excuses to use your lettering."
  • #LearningViaCalligraphy with Kimberly Erin Calligraphy

    "I cannot begin to explain how kind and supportive my fellow calligraphers are! It is very encouraging to receive so much support from others on social media, sometimes I forget that I haven’t actually met them."
  • #LearningViaCalligraphy with Artois Calligraphy

    "Explore different types of media until you find what you like and what works for you. You never know where life will take you."
  • #LearningViaCalligraphy with Magnolia Calligraphy

    "After my class, I practiced almost every day, every hour and on every surface! I remember getting home and I would just write on everything, even on our refrigerator!"
  • #LearningViaCalligraphy with Letters by Lyna

    "I didn’t think it would get much traction, but it did! It even got some people interested in asking me for other services."
  • #LearningViaCalligraphy with JK Calligraphy

    After taking the class, I didn't have any real plans or goals for my new skill and starting my own small business didn't even cross my mind at the time.