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Kelly and Michael's Wedding at the Storys Building

"There are so many opinions and comments and at times it feels like everyone has a hand/voice in your wedding. It all comes from the right place, but trust your gut.  If you feel like doing something and people just don't get it, do it anyway. It's your day, make it your own and stay true to you."

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Cathee & Derek's Dance Party Wedding

"People always “slow down” ON your wedding day so you can take it all in - I say slow down the day/week before. Calm down and take a breath and make sure you’re organized. Double and triple check everything against a list before you leave so you don’t have to make any extra trips or send people to buy new shoes at the last minute because yours are at home. Once you load in and set up, everything is done so relax - you did it!"

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Katelyn & Mark's Fairytale Wedding

"Enjoy the planning process, it's definitely a once in a life time opportunity - let it be a long-super-detailed or simple-elegant wedding. Enjoy it all the way, because after that comes pure bliss."

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