#TheJustMarriedJacket | Wedding Leather Jacket | Via Calligraphy

  • Alexis & Collin's Dance Party Wedding

    "Don't spend outside your means, don't stress the details, stay true to you and your partner... and make sure you can DANCE!!!"
  • The Toronto Sun & 24 hrs Feature

    Thanks to Jenny Yuen of the Postmedia Network for this amazing writeup about my sisterhood of the traveling leather jacket in The Toronto Sun and 2...
  • Riya & Wes's Lush Toronto Wedding

    "We originally wanted a tiny city hall wedding for 12. But then realised that a wedding is about sharing love and joy with your family. And to both of us, family is aunts and uncles, family friends, and our friends. So we chose a venue that could make our grandparents and our Parkdale-loving friends feel comfortable. We had all the things we liked about weddings - open bar, great food, midnight poutine, tons of dancing and laughs and none of the things we don't enjoy (wedding cake, hours of speeches, a formal sit-down 3 course meal, first dance)."
  • Sylvia & Matt's Intimate Toronto Wedding

    "So do you. Make your own new traditions. This is your day and should represent what your relationship is about. And I promise that when you do, you’ll have absolutely no regrets.”
  • #TheJustMarriedJacket Story

    Leading up to June 11, 2016, I was frantically practicing calligraphy. Every scrap piece of paper in my home had "just married" scrawled on it.

    When I finally brought paint to leather, I accidentally created a project that has me meeting up with a new bride every weekend.