Via Calligraphy - Sylvia Wong


Hey babe!

I'm so glad you're here. I'm Sylvia, a downtown Toronto girl who loves her city as much as Drake does. When I'm not working at my day job as a creative director at a fashion company, I'm working on writing projects or teaching brush calligraphy to in-person classes in the city.

I started my lettering journey when I wanted to paint on my favourite leather jacket for my wedding. A deadline like a wedding forces you to learn fast, and I spent hours every night practicing my font before finally creating #thejustmarriedjacket. After the big day, I didn't want it to be hidden away in my closet so I now rent it out to local brides to wear on their wedding days.

I love sharing my love of lettering with soon-to-be-brides or people passionate about picking up a new hobby. And if you don't have the patience for calligraphy? I'll do it for you!

I'm obsessed with pop culture and would be an asset to your trivia team. I have that on my resume for realsies. I enjoy eating ridiculously spicy food and love drinking a nice hoppy IPA. My go-to conversation starters are "what are you watching on Netflix?" and "what food could you eat everyday for the rest of your life?"

Want to rent #thejustmarriedjacket? Have some custom calligraphy projects in mind? Get in touch so we can chat about lettering (or Netflix).

xo Syl